Atomic layer deposited V2O5 coatings: a promising cathode for Li-ion batteries

  • Martyn Pemble Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork, Ireland and School of Chemistry, University College Cork, Cork
  • Ian Povey Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork
  • Dimitra Vernardou Hellenic Mediterranean University, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, School of Engineering, Estavromenos, 710 04 Heraklion, Crete
Keywords: Pulsed-CVD, vanadium pentoxide, Li intercalation/deintercalation, cyclic voltammetry, cycling stability, electron transport properties


A modified, thermal atomic layer deposition process was employed for the pulsed chemical vapor deposition growth of vanadium pentoxide films using tetrakis (dimethylamino) vanadium and water as a co-reagent.Depositions were carried out at 350oC for 400 pulsed CVD cycles, and samples were subsequently annealed for 1hour at 400°C in air to form materials with enhanced cycling stability during the continuous lithium-ion intercala­tion/deintercalation processes. The diffusion coefficient was estimated to be 2.04x10-10 and 4.10x10-10 cm2 s-1 for the cathodic and anodic processes, respectively. These values are comparable or lower than those reported in the literature, indicating the capability of Li+ of getting access into the vanadium pentoxide framework at a fast rate. Overall, it presents a specific discharge capacity of 280 mAh g-1, capacity retention of 75 % after 10000 scans, a coulombic efficiency of 100 % for the first scan, dropping to 85 % for the 10000th scan, and specific energy of 523 Wh g-1.


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Electrochemical Science