Preparation and characterization of selective electrode for determination of copper ion(II)

  • Salwa Fares Rassi Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Al-Baath University, Homs
Keywords: diphenyl carbazide, copper, potentiometric, method validation


Achemically modified carbon paste electrode with diphenyl carbazide the potentiometric determination of Cu(II) is demonstrated. The electrode exhibits linear response to Cu(II) over a wide concentration range (9.2×10−7-5.0×10−1) with Nernstian slope of 30±0.15 mV per decade. It has a response time of about 40 s and can be used for a period of two months with good reproducibility. The detection limit of this electrode was 7.0×10−7 M. The proposed electrode shows a very good selectivity for Cu(II) over a wide variety of metal ions. This chemically modified carbon paste electrode was successfully used for the determination of Cu(II) in various water samples solution and pharmaceutical formulation


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Electrochemical Science