Effect of Supplied CO-CO2 in the Presence of Carbon

  • Lisa Carol Deleebeeck Danish Technical University (DTU)
  • Kent Kammer Hansen Danish Technical University (DTU)
Keywords: Hybrid direct carbon fuel cell (HDCFC), DCFC, 3-electrode, half-cell, cyclic voltammetry (CV), coal, carbon monoxide


The effect of varying the CO-CO2 and CO2-N2 ratios was investigated in the presence of coal in a specially designed 3-electrode setup, used to simulate the anode compartment in a hybrid direct carbon fuel (HDCFC). The HDCFC consists of a hybrid between a molten carbonate and a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). It was shown that the cell performance improved with increased CO2 content in the CO2-N2 mixture, due to the formation of CO from the inverse Boudouard reaction. The same was seen for CO/CO2 gas mixtures in the presence of coal, in contrast to CO-fueled SOFCs.


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Bioelectrochemistry & Fuel Cells